Tuesday, December 23, 2008

image from: http://www.artsentralasia.com/docs/exhibits/spectrum.html

Blind leading the blind!

Self appointed cattlemen
leading the flock they capture
from what could be …
a green pasture
to the top of a cliff …
way upper
down to its bottomless pit
with an iron rod …
Ruling over with a false defeat

The flock
migrated from the core..
of their very existence
to an unknown obscure-ness
to a nuisance

of the world
that is tired of the infomercials
another poor child
licking an empty barrels
a blind lead the blind
from the land of quarrels
to an empty hand

© 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A beautiful thing!

So… it is a beautiful thing
when I breath and sing
from my heart to my soul’s …
deepest floors and walls
to my intellect
where mystery dwells

it is a beautiful thing
when compromising
does not sting
with its bitter hypocrisy
when my bell ring
and I am found under mercy
to forgive myself and my doings
to uphold my soul and upbringings

it is a beautiful thing
when I firmly stand with what I say
yay or nay
to the notion, real price I pay
with out selling my day
with out changing my clay
the element that I’m made of
the aggressive that is not loaf

it is a beautiful thing
when I redeem today
lock the past in yesterday
WAS the day
my soul went astray
looking forward to tomorrow
holding my current

it is a beautiful thing!

© 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

At cross road ….

One of those
Defining moments
Where turning left or right
Major or a slight
Can mean a lot
Can mean so much
To touch
The feature of my present
A notch
To elevate me to permanent
Change, that is so needed
That helps me guided

I’m at the cross road
Of my future, to narrow the broad
Venue - with lots of choices
With lots of notices
With lots of promises
To bypass yesterday
Forever behind me
I’m changing I then say
a better me to be

© 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Don't go! - Just Today!

Baby what happened? You got me worried,
I knew I was sort of carried,
That I was ready to sway
From my way to your way
Now! baby don't say nay
I can't take nay

More over that
a bit of my heart
a bit of your heart
My heart beat
Your heart beat
Are caught
are taught
each other
To love and care
To miss and spare
To sparkle flare

so, I won't let you
I won’t allow
I won't make you,
depart now

so.. Now I’m worried
And I’m carried
Away with thinking thoughts
Wanting your nods
of yes

And wanted to know if you are Okay
Just today!


© 2008

Monday, December 1, 2008


Still I have my cravings on

Still I will condone
Lifeless lives I postpone
Until in the casket when I capon

Still scratching the walls
Though slim rare the calls
Though frustrating the galls
Though fierce the battles
Though unreachable the mantles

Still I sharpen my gaze
I cause my eyes to blaze
No slumber, no daze
Until I’m amaze

Still I question
Still I knock the door
Still I scream
Still I rock the floor
The dwelling place of wisdom
Where the end to my boredom

Still I am lurking
Still I am asking
Still I am lacking
Still I am making
At times I’m breaking

Still I’m waiting
Until I can’t wait anymore
Still I’m panting
Till my legs sleep with bore
Still I’m running
Till my heart burst with sore
Still I’m galling
Until the peaceful galore

I reveal it, God reveal it
You reveal, or them shuffle it
But I’m still here
Will also plan to appear
Until I’m mere

© 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Reason to be thankful!

Yes we have things to be thankful
People to be grateful
A life-span meaningful

A moment of quietness
A moment of happiness
A moment of surprise
To bright the demise

We all have reasons
And seasons
To be thankful
To be grateful


This is the season
Find a reason

© 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

Love and Freedom

See! When we love, we then give
With out expecting to receive
As deep as “our love” “we” perceive
I perceive,
You perceive,
As true as we say …
and believe

But we give!

See, I am such a sucker for love
That I can only have
Hundred(100) percent,
No MORE! NO LESS! Out of decent

As legend has it, for Romeo, it is hard to fall in love
But, when he gets what he have
When he bets with what he love
He loves so hard,
To the point, you lose your guard
To the point he has Juliet
To the point!

The depth and strength of the ‘amore’
The admiration,
The aspiration of
My adore

Flows your way from mine
Only if you enjoy it and dine
Only if you have it and shine

Alas! When you miss it, to see
I will let you free
I then vanish I’ll flee
Flee away, to my compound
Flee from the feel and sound
That seems to surround
You and your essence
You and your presence

While loving you!
I don’t push me beyond my boundary
I won’t force me and loose mystery
The mystery of what makes me different
The mystery that attracts me to your intellect
I won’t push more, as if to begging
I won’t push more, in pleading

See, in love, there is no begging, nagging, slogging
See, in love there is no uprising
It is a willingness of minds and hearts
It is a willingness to share grounds and parts
It is a willingness to mean more
To you
To me
A willingness to our core!

Above the echo and the sound
Of stereotypical ground
Of metaphysical abound
Far from the empty proud
I lay my manhood
For love
I hid my essence
For love
I withstood the callous


As for me it wasn’t infatuation
That came out of situation
Who demanded resolution?
But, I was touched by your heart of heart!
It was like the ‘WOW’ moment
Drew me in, your intellect
When I beset….
The very thing that attract me to you
The very intellect my attention drew
Closer and closer
Like no other!
Minds out there

Then I became deluded
Or was I far clouded?
With the fog of passion that I allowed
Or was my choice?
To bypass the noise

And then I again, like the biblical paradigm
Like the notion of my prime
I will give all for ONE Love
I will do that to have
It all

With out selling my soul
With our paying my toll
With out the mere droll

Alas! When you miss it, to see
I will let you free
I then vanish I’ll flee
Flee away, to my compound
Flee from the feel and sound
That seems to surround
You and your essence
You and your presence

But, if I matter
Hold me now …
Hold me dear
Show me your love…
Tell me clear
Have me close…
Let me adore
Have me all in…
To your galore
If I matter..
If I mean more..
Then let me know..
Let it CLEAR
Then let me know
If I am sound
To your level,
to your mind

Else, I understand
There is only one land
There is only one hand
for your love to grow and nurture
for my love to grow and nurture
with out loosing our stature

and if that is not me….
Count it now, I will fleeeeeeee!
Count it now, you are freeeeeeee!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


This is your time...
Vigor of youth
This is your prime…
Seed is truth

Go out! March up!
With full strength
Shine and blaze-up
The earth…
To amaze
amaze your generation
No more line for a ration
No more begging for donation
No more sick look

The solution…?

Get up! Aim up! Dream up!
Strength comes from doing 'sit-up'
Spark up! Get strap
With the vision
Of tomorrow's riches
Go up! Show up!
Comes with niches
Do away with the glitches

Open your soul
Scorn the fool
Sharpen your mind
Don't be a lull

Conceive the seed…
the abundance
no more the need
the poor, the less,
root out the weed
and those cowards

the guidance
to your new dance
expansion of your allowance
is buried with in you
to be … to do
the seed the true
of your generation
changer of
the situation

it is you! get up above the fog
shine today and no more slog

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Departed .....

Lo! A friend of mine… gone like it was yesterday..
Oh! It was beyond a mere friendship, I say
For the attachment I claim, time spent to build
Qualifies it more so! than it is skewed
It is more than 'the today’s' guild
Guild of confusion and abandonment
Guild of loneliness and evil distant

So my friend you were close to my heart
The heart of mine you finally left
Left it alone like many other
With itself
With its turf
Left it alone like it
doesn't matter

Promises folded down
Empty chatters
The smiles no more shown
Aimless matters

Alas! Love and friendship got mixed and ….
We found ourselves in a land of coldness
Like the gloomy winter and cloud of sadness

I reckon, my heart was hotter
I reckon, your heart was warmer
Before our soul crossed the path to climb the steeper
Of confused land
Of a shaky stand

So, I will let you go, I say 'good bye'
You say ‘so long’, I tried to deny!
Deny the truth about our paths that crossed yesterday
‘Was’ an event that happened in the past! In another day

And today...
today is a new day
a beginning of my tomorrow
a beginning of another sorrow
of the loss
of the callous
of reality !


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Obama for America - the only real choice!

This isn’t a fairy tale,
But an embodiment of the changes we yearn for
This isn’t a mere aspiration
But an effort getting close to the door
The door that holds us, wants us to stay behind
Behind the old politics of self-grind
The old door that locks us in yesterday
The old voice that echoes an all time nay
For our generation to go astray
This isn’t a false optimism
That raises our heart beat
This isn’t a fictional drum
That predicts defeat
But a solid understanding of our stance
A real awareness of our distance
To where we ought to be
To what we can see
Obama is a voice for our tomorrow
A light at the end of the tunnel
He is a reason to overcome our sorrow
Bridges build as a channel
Between the voice of the majority
To the policy makers
Embracing the minority
With action takers
Yes we can! Beyond the negative media!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

What is in a Name?

so what is the motto here
is it name or character ?
- you're not clear!

what is the indicator
beyond the visible ?

what is the foundation
beyond the 'feasible?'

the real identity is a fabric
that is embroidered like a lyric
--- of a poets soul -to his word
--- like a warrior to his sword…

we heard what you are saying
same old ‘cultural thing’
the attention you are paying
a void shallow ring

you either come and sing
to the diversity
to the unity
accepting the other being

calling them brothers and sisters
no matter how differs
their name from your