Saturday, March 27, 2010

What is my Life Worth?
“So don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.” Math 10:30

Is it the ‘nature of things’? Or it is ‘in my nature’?
Never satisfied with what I have, I love the dark adventure
No! I don’t like the quiet-self, strengthens my stature
Somehow I settle ‘for-less’, I go after the vulture
Who has No mercy! No mercy! No mercy!
To usher me the decency …
Of a worthy life!

Hence, what is my real value? How much do I really worth?
Watered down philosophy,
Hypocrisy can lead to sloth
Fitting in the mold,
Of a 'relationship' that WAS sold,
Of a soul that WAS sold,
To nothingness!
To an empty conformity
Claps of dead crowd, laughter of lifeless corpse!

What is my real worth, if I’m dragging yesterday?
How much is my stride, when tomorrow is of dismay?
Unless I learn, until I discern
Unless I seek wisdom, with a lantern!
Unless “I” choose to mold “me”, according to ‘my essence ’,
According to ‘my clay’!
Unless my responses are clear, until I practice to say ‘nay’
… to the mere noise of the ‘norm’, deafening bang of vain
… to the clatter of my brain
Till I learn to say,

Till I claim, my life to ‘me’
How high is my value, at what peak, at what degree?