Thursday, December 31, 2009


Reflect – I do!

As my days hurry to tomorrow

At the summit of my vision, strength I borrow

To bury the ‘yesterday’, the ‘sadness’ and the ‘sorrow’

To reminisce the good times, to sing like a sparrow

To muster the seed of greatness

To overcome feelings of anxious

What is ahead of me, I haven’t seen and touched

Bigger and better than, the past I have dispatched

Stronger the challenge, rewards I will watch

Thrilling moments, glorious the catch

I will love me, to see me, beyond the shallow self

New decade, new fa├žade, new parade

New everything, until I will engulf

New promise, new circle of life

The peaks I will climb

The landscape I will glide.

Yes, reflect I do

From the past

To the moment

To the days ahead of me, the days ahead of you!