Tuesday, December 23, 2008

image from: http://www.artsentralasia.com/docs/exhibits/spectrum.html

Blind leading the blind!

Self appointed cattlemen
leading the flock they capture
from what could be …
a green pasture
to the top of a cliff …
way upper
down to its bottomless pit
with an iron rod …
Ruling over with a false defeat

The flock
migrated from the core..
of their very existence
to an unknown obscure-ness
to a nuisance

of the world
that is tired of the infomercials
another poor child
licking an empty barrels
a blind lead the blind
from the land of quarrels
to an empty hand

© 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A beautiful thing!

So… it is a beautiful thing
when I breath and sing
from my heart to my soul’s …
deepest floors and walls
to my intellect
where mystery dwells

it is a beautiful thing
when compromising
does not sting
with its bitter hypocrisy
when my bell ring
and I am found under mercy
to forgive myself and my doings
to uphold my soul and upbringings

it is a beautiful thing
when I firmly stand with what I say
yay or nay
to the notion, real price I pay
with out selling my day
with out changing my clay
the element that I’m made of
the aggressive that is not loaf

it is a beautiful thing
when I redeem today
lock the past in yesterday
WAS the day
my soul went astray
looking forward to tomorrow
holding my current

it is a beautiful thing!

© 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

At cross road ….

One of those
Defining moments
Where turning left or right
Major or a slight
Can mean a lot
Can mean so much
To touch
The feature of my present
A notch
To elevate me to permanent
Change, that is so needed
That helps me guided

I’m at the cross road
Of my future, to narrow the broad
Venue - with lots of choices
With lots of notices
With lots of promises
To bypass yesterday
Forever behind me
I’m changing I then say
a better me to be

© 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Don't go! - Just Today!

Baby what happened? You got me worried,
I knew I was sort of carried,
That I was ready to sway
From my way to your way
Now! baby don't say nay
I can't take nay

More over that
a bit of my heart
a bit of your heart
My heart beat
Your heart beat
Are caught
are taught
each other
To love and care
To miss and spare
To sparkle flare

so, I won't let you
I won’t allow
I won't make you,
depart now

so.. Now I’m worried
And I’m carried
Away with thinking thoughts
Wanting your nods
of yes

And wanted to know if you are Okay
Just today!


© 2008

Monday, December 1, 2008


Still I have my cravings on

Still I will condone
Lifeless lives I postpone
Until in the casket when I capon

Still scratching the walls
Though slim rare the calls
Though frustrating the galls
Though fierce the battles
Though unreachable the mantles

Still I sharpen my gaze
I cause my eyes to blaze
No slumber, no daze
Until I’m amaze

Still I question
Still I knock the door
Still I scream
Still I rock the floor
The dwelling place of wisdom
Where the end to my boredom

Still I am lurking
Still I am asking
Still I am lacking
Still I am making
At times I’m breaking

Still I’m waiting
Until I can’t wait anymore
Still I’m panting
Till my legs sleep with bore
Still I’m running
Till my heart burst with sore
Still I’m galling
Until the peaceful galore

I reveal it, God reveal it
You reveal, or them shuffle it
But I’m still here
Will also plan to appear
Until I’m mere

© 2008