Friday, January 15, 2010

Love at First Sight?!

Love – sparkly
At the first sight?
Is it real love or not?
Either way, it brightened my milky way
And I’m loving it!

I can hear the vibration, deep down in my heart
I can see the warm motion, inside my brain’s spot
I can see from distant, though we are worlds apart
Dreamy, a wondering traveler
My world is not restrained by the physical…

Is there such a thing – love at the first sight?
Falling for you without knowing that you might?
Daydreamer – my perception settling for the night
Like an aged cedar tree – while fallen I’m caught
To land on your arm – though chances are slight
To wish the good is always right!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I am just a creation of my generation
By part, a product of their motion
Like a newborn - at birth, greeted the sect
Where their values and my intellect, to intersect
Though my attempt to separate
My way, from their way,
My day from their day

But, the sun shines for us both
Whether active or sloth
I can’t avoid the overlap, can’t avoid discrepancy
I’m by part them; they are by part me, under mercy
Can’t be free from hypocrisy!