Friday, March 13, 2009


Latent Energy inside of me!

Yens of my sense
Did me good

I’m relying on them
To assist me gain
To allow me attain
Of fine grain
Of wisdom
Buried inside of me!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


When I move forward,
then I'm transformed
to betterment of my manhood
When I change, then I'm changed
for the greater good

Good to my ego
good to my overall trio!
Spirit, Soul, and Body
my enrichment and harmony
That is what change entails
That is what movement details

If not, I'm still in yesterday, I'm still in misery
I'm still my old self, I'm still in nursery!
While I can move and live better,
live richer,
Why dwell in groove, and be quitter?

So, I am moving
While leaving
Behind me
The old anatomy
Of distraction
To the new me with ambition!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Pictures from

Listening to ...

My feelings are hard to attune
Scattered over the sphere hard to prune
At times very cheery
Warm and merry
At times a bit blurry

No signal modulator
Can confine
And define
The very originator
Of the feelings and motions of my soul
The blissful or melancholy or I’m just droll

But, I listen
Beyond the chatters of blackberries
Beyond the universe of internet galleries
Beyond the thoughts of mysteries

Beyond the throne of an ego collision
Beyond the wants and needs of illusion
I learn to listen