Sunday, November 21, 2010


Eyes wide-open,
least I’m not dreaming
Fate fades away,
reality knocks, it’s dreading
Would rather live in the cloud?
where it is hard to differentiate
Dream from nightmare
loneliness from the crowd
Except the noises in the brain
screaming out-loud

Shall I wake up?
and face their reality
Shall I remain dormant?
refuse the mere sobriety
Or I should define what I call
my reality!
Though it varies from
the half-slumber society!

~ For the brave souls who choose to live their own life

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

With sensation!

Amen, bless your heart
That set us apart
That set you, beyond the horizon
That set me, across the half dozen
Slumber boy-men
That overwhelmd your specimen
Of partner choice!

Amen, bless your heart
For removing an age old wart
From my eyes part
Now, I can remain intact!
to my element.

Once again, Bless You
For the job you choose to do
For the life you settled too!
To ease my conscious choice
To ease my choice noise
Help maintain my heartfelt poise
So, thank you! for the nonsence!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

What is my Life Worth?
“So don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.” Math 10:30

Is it the ‘nature of things’? Or it is ‘in my nature’?
Never satisfied with what I have, I love the dark adventure
No! I don’t like the quiet-self, strengthens my stature
Somehow I settle ‘for-less’, I go after the vulture
Who has No mercy! No mercy! No mercy!
To usher me the decency …
Of a worthy life!

Hence, what is my real value? How much do I really worth?
Watered down philosophy,
Hypocrisy can lead to sloth
Fitting in the mold,
Of a 'relationship' that WAS sold,
Of a soul that WAS sold,
To nothingness!
To an empty conformity
Claps of dead crowd, laughter of lifeless corpse!

What is my real worth, if I’m dragging yesterday?
How much is my stride, when tomorrow is of dismay?
Unless I learn, until I discern
Unless I seek wisdom, with a lantern!
Unless “I” choose to mold “me”, according to ‘my essence ’,
According to ‘my clay’!
Unless my responses are clear, until I practice to say ‘nay’
… to the mere noise of the ‘norm’, deafening bang of vain
… to the clatter of my brain
Till I learn to say,

Till I claim, my life to ‘me’
How high is my value, at what peak, at what degree?


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Life is Paradoxical - indeed!

I know you have a deep quest for life
Sincerity, spares your soul from strife
The torn muscles, bound by a worn-out ligament
Until the right twist
Until the right moment
For your soul to break free from its joint
Until a scream wakes your core
From being dormant
Until that moment
Stay with patient!

And remember,
Some things don't make sense
They are paradoxical
Some matters stay tense,
Some Dwell in sabbatical
Some thoughts remain dense
Until the matters are whimsical

Then, everything becomes "the way"
Or "the things" that seemed to matter
Will fade away....


Monday, March 15, 2010

For what it is worth…!

I should tell that you move me
At times you question
My reason to be
Who am I in this rendition,
Snippet of my life terms
Not just the times …
But shape and forms

And I like you for that!

I can call you!
A reliable friend
Whether I’m or I’m not by your side
You don’t shatter
You won’t slide
From the ‘trust worthiness’ circle
From the safe atmosphere sphere
My essence
Your essence wasn’t crafted in the bubble
A random emotional high
Our ‘friend-ship’ won’t crumble
It won’t drop us from the sky!

And I like you for that!

I ask for!
An unlimited, unbounded river of love
Else to free you like a dove
In this mystifying existence
You attempt
To fit – my element – with your element
To feel my sediment
The very complex component
The make of my very core
You tried and try to mean more
To take off the societal norm
You tried and try
To withstand the rain and the storm
Of my very demand
Calling “you” to loose “your” guard!
And you tried

And I like you for that

For what it is worth I wanted to whisper it!
I wanted to tell you, you and you!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Love at First Sight?!

Love – sparkly
At the first sight?
Is it real love or not?
Either way, it brightened my milky way
And I’m loving it!

I can hear the vibration, deep down in my heart
I can see the warm motion, inside my brain’s spot
I can see from distant, though we are worlds apart
Dreamy, a wondering traveler
My world is not restrained by the physical…

Is there such a thing – love at the first sight?
Falling for you without knowing that you might?
Daydreamer – my perception settling for the night
Like an aged cedar tree – while fallen I’m caught
To land on your arm – though chances are slight
To wish the good is always right!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I am just a creation of my generation
By part, a product of their motion
Like a newborn - at birth, greeted the sect
Where their values and my intellect, to intersect
Though my attempt to separate
My way, from their way,
My day from their day

But, the sun shines for us both
Whether active or sloth
I can’t avoid the overlap, can’t avoid discrepancy
I’m by part them; they are by part me, under mercy
Can’t be free from hypocrisy!