Thursday, December 20, 2007

I have changed!

Now, I’m older
Now, I’m grown
I’ve changed odor
Now, I’ve flown

Now, I’m sophisticated
I speak better
My philosophical analysis
Makes me smarter
I have logics and reasons
To explain situations
Of current
Events that are happening around
Me, myself and my origin
Now I have read few
Now I make few
Dollars that inflated me
Or is it the gin?
That I afford now

Since times have changed, I have grown forgetting
Or purposely letting
My brain to turn its head
From the fact of my back-yard

Oh, that was too long ago!

Now, I’m older
Now, I’m different
Now, I’m stronger
Now, I’m a part of

I’ve relocated
My destiny and my soul
My name address
Has changed
My status quo

But, really? Am I that different?
From the continent
Where I drew my particles
Elements of my soul
Where I drew my bare breath,

Lo to my soul
If I forget
If I beset
My first love
My first have.

© 2007

Monday, December 10, 2007

pictures from:
Black teardrop

A mix of blood and dust
Weaved, blended with a mortar
Of agony and abandonment
leaving a hollow mark
for the coming generation
a naked existence
for test of the whole nation
or is it a testimony?

the real notion
the mark it is leaving behind
while pouring
and dripping
creating crevasse and eroding
the face of
my beautiful people

they cry for generation
they cry for salvation
we cried for stature
I’m intertwined with their mixture
Their cry, my cry, our cry
For no body to make do nothing
For some relief

To create do something

But it is an expression
Of the depression
Our soul has endured
For generation
The cry the teardrop
It is not water,
Nor just blood
It is a mixture of our texture
The poison of the nature
Of things, and rulers of the un-fairish
It left a black mark
Changing the origin of the beautiful face to a dark

To the horror of the world,
To the scare of the world
So biased

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Girl I loved and Memory of it…

You are beyond a girl friend-of me
when I draw the-love anatomy

The goodness is pack my hearts delivery
Your beauty shines like embroidery
You have clouded me and my memory
Snatching out my soul of misery

It is true and not mockery
You can touch …
and feel it like a masonry

And you are
my lover and my only pal
I'm goooo-ne for good on sabbatical
I am tripping
but I'm spitting the lyrical
My vacation
Is mystical
Sacred from out side beauty
This is my treasure …
and delivery

And God knows my hearts care
when you are with me
all that I care
The whole wide world
be gone and no room spare
but, I won't scare!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A glimpse of me!

A glimpse of my brain … where my deepest thoughts reside
The attic corner of my shrine … where values get collide
At each breath drawn … my existence goes slide
Definition of my essence … along the shadow stride

I am opening the gate of … my gateway
Gateway to my pride
The pride gets me sway
Sway at times I do hide
From the display shelf
To the verbal turf
Hidden from the stage of viewers

That is what I’m opening …
A scroll to the diligent readers
Opening I choose, my gateway
To the curious viewers

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The break-up !

It was good while it last
Or… was it ? My imagination!?
Questioning the out-cast
Thoughts of me in conjunction
In conjunction with my time
With my dime
At my prime
It was great
While it last

And then,
We grew
Grew apart from each other
Each then skew
Views shattered dreams alter

Speak different dialect
Our thoughts so separate
Separated your way from mine
Your heart from mine

Then … why linger? in memory
Why dwell in null agony

I will let you go … let you free
You will let me go … let me be me!

Monday, March 12, 2007

To you My enemy!

I’m spitting rhymes
Towards the limes
Of my lame life
For those who added strife
From you to my roots and heredity
Now it is sprawling down to my unborn commodity

Thanks to you that I’m so hopeless!
To define my existence I’m lawless
Spread away on earth with out focus

While you enjoy the land and the palisade
The crew you built in strong arcade
Will be weighed in God’s spade

When the time comes!
Till then,

To you my enemy… I yearn to be a friend of me!
Paradoxical contradiction
While you held me … you abandoned me!

Friday, February 2, 2007

Good Bye Now!

My heart was open to you
Or was it?
I had never up-to tell you
That I adore you

But you,
You had an agenda
All along
You had a secret plan
Mischievous clan
To support you
To rapport you

You took that at heart
You believe that
You flew with that
You’re not in your spot

What has left of you today?
What has left of your charm?
You are gone long ago
Your soul has departed
Your karma
Full of drama
Full of mischief
I ‘m not wanna be a part of it

All I have is your memory
From ‘long ago’ I reminisce
I don’t want the phony
The person who you have become
Is it wealth, fear of death?
Or the stealth
That altered your ego
Persuaded you to forgo
Who I was in my fulsome
You locked out with nothing

Good bye!

Monday, January 15, 2007


That is not lack
Merely described by Webstern
Oxford, or any other

That is not the definition
Given for not having
Day starter

The real lack is
The real need is
When a soul is hanging from
Single thread
A Thread comprised of
Few blood cells and
Muscle string

When texture of existence
Vanished away to the point
Can’t tell
Who, what and where from!

When the silence
Pierces the very nature of
A soul’s core

That is a real lack!