Thursday, May 24, 2012



Confessed my friend, he was baptized with good thoughts
And all the goodness there is
No! It wasn’t some wishful thinking or day dreaming
But, he was calling the universe’s colossal power
Attracting by his intention
Of being great and doing great!
To empower the likes of him, humanity!

Although -
Criticized by critics,
With the mention of his ambition
He ducked the haters hate
Despite they go irate…

In any case,
my friend has chosen to ride the rocket
And shoot beyond the limiting earth sphere and
He chose to be baptized in the power
Way bigger
Way richer than the chronic lack
Surrounded the earth
And the distorted calamity.

My friend chose to prosper his soul
He vote prosperity
He chose to leave the philosophy to philosophers
And let them philosophize
… why people should dwell in poverty
Let them philosophize
…why the God of abundance has slumbered
But, he chose prosperity!
… and, when I stare at my friend in the mirror
I embraced full heartedly
With hunger in my soul, fire in my eyes
I too wanted to immerse
In the water deep - heart core of the universe
I too wanted to be baptized
I chose to live in abundance!

“…Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into…”
Wayne Dyer

Pazion 2012