Sunday, March 18, 2007

A glimpse of me!

A glimpse of my brain … where my deepest thoughts reside
The attic corner of my shrine … where values get collide
At each breath drawn … my existence goes slide
Definition of my essence … along the shadow stride

I am opening the gate of … my gateway
Gateway to my pride
The pride gets me sway
Sway at times I do hide
From the display shelf
To the verbal turf
Hidden from the stage of viewers

That is what I’m opening …
A scroll to the diligent readers
Opening I choose, my gateway
To the curious viewers

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The break-up !

It was good while it last
Or… was it ? My imagination!?
Questioning the out-cast
Thoughts of me in conjunction
In conjunction with my time
With my dime
At my prime
It was great
While it last

And then,
We grew
Grew apart from each other
Each then skew
Views shattered dreams alter

Speak different dialect
Our thoughts so separate
Separated your way from mine
Your heart from mine

Then … why linger? in memory
Why dwell in null agony

I will let you go … let you free
You will let me go … let me be me!

Monday, March 12, 2007

To you My enemy!

I’m spitting rhymes
Towards the limes
Of my lame life
For those who added strife
From you to my roots and heredity
Now it is sprawling down to my unborn commodity

Thanks to you that I’m so hopeless!
To define my existence I’m lawless
Spread away on earth with out focus

While you enjoy the land and the palisade
The crew you built in strong arcade
Will be weighed in God’s spade

When the time comes!
Till then,

To you my enemy… I yearn to be a friend of me!
Paradoxical contradiction
While you held me … you abandoned me!