Thursday, December 31, 2009


Reflect – I do!

As my days hurry to tomorrow

At the summit of my vision, strength I borrow

To bury the ‘yesterday’, the ‘sadness’ and the ‘sorrow’

To reminisce the good times, to sing like a sparrow

To muster the seed of greatness

To overcome feelings of anxious

What is ahead of me, I haven’t seen and touched

Bigger and better than, the past I have dispatched

Stronger the challenge, rewards I will watch

Thrilling moments, glorious the catch

I will love me, to see me, beyond the shallow self

New decade, new fa├žade, new parade

New everything, until I will engulf

New promise, new circle of life

The peaks I will climb

The landscape I will glide.

Yes, reflect I do

From the past

To the moment

To the days ahead of me, the days ahead of you!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mind over matter!

The debate, environmental issue
The flu, got us running after tissue
Global warming
Rings a bell alarming
Or it is disarming?
But it is,
The latest concern
As we discern

In the past
Though didn’t last
concerns were
the ozone layer
the atomic bomb
the nuclear
that we succumb
till we get dull,
we became numb

but, we never thought of addressing
real concerning
An “idea poisoning”
Though alarming
Though unnerving
And the danger it is posing

No research lab, no scientist
No mere funding
‘cause no profit

But it killed in billions
It is killing in millions – every day

“The man is he so as he thinks”
Reflection to the world that he brings
When it is sound and sane
Or rubbish mundane
Or waging war
Or peace preacher
Springs out of the mind
It is born out of an idea
That is where the real self reside
The gloom or euphoria

Then why not give attention
Instead of fighting with ammunition
To wage a war that is already lost
Why not fight, with different
The real demon,
Demon of the mind
The real source of corruption
Or prince of peace and kind

An idea poisoning, that corrupts the noble
That disgraces the honor
Imprison, till disable

Fight the global warning
That left us crazy creatures
Dilute the poisoning
We may evolve our features!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Tick-tock, click-clock, left-right
Non-stop that you might
A time slot
Or be created by the count
Of your pattern
As humanity - define
The sense of time!
Then you defer
The motionless silent
That present
In the other world
In the other light

Till then
You strive, to break free
To loose flee, with much glee
You try, to run away
So, you sway,

Then, they say, “You create”
A sense of time
Studied your pattern
You are sublime
Bound to the wall
Until, time creates
A motion
To bring about motionless
Quiet moment!

Till then,
You go on! With waves of thoughts
I go on! With debates of wants

Inspired by : NareH

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Look:

What am I looking at? Or is it just a stare?
As if I’m caught by surprise, touched by a love flare
Maybe I’m carried away, left nothing to spare
Or is it I’m in aghast, a whirlwind of scare?

Or maybe I’m reading your thoughts beyond your emotion
Beyond the physical feel, behind your condition
Beyond the face value, beyond our conversation
Maybe I’m just lost, in an effort of translation
Maybe I’m driving down to a solid notion
To understand what you are saying
The look can be anything
That you read from my face
The squinting of my eyes and gaze
I’m trying to touch your soul, where the real you reside
From the expression, I’m attempting to slide
To get to the real you, for our thoughts to stride


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Think different! it is OK!

see, I am so used to thinking
like my sibling
the utmost upbringing
to think life my "folks"
like the society
think under the "blocks"
where I had my "normality"

then I learn the secret
of transformation
to think different
to a bright destination
to redeem my lost
present past!
from what is called the "norm"
to redeem my brain from the storm
of conformity!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Unscripted Life!

So it goes, outside of the norm
The norm set up by the world
The norm structured by the cold
--- Human condition
--- And an evil notion
But, my generation
--- My life, our life
Slipped out of strife
Slipped out of the butcher knife
To live and shine

Outside of the norm
Hidden from the fierce storm
From the stance of African nation - Convoluted
From the demise and isolation – expected

A generation of hopeful horde
A tenacious soul so determined
To achieve the new high - unexpected
To live a full life – unscripted!

Friday, August 7, 2009


Ya, all I have is now,
not even today
all I have is the present,
not to dwell in dismay
and that I may
find what life is all about
And sort out

Else living,
Mere existing
Is eluding
As if I mastered it
but, I will mask it!

See, fools sit back
kick back,
throw dart
on those who question,
inquisitive minds.
unlike fools,
who pretends,
as if they figured it all,
but deep down
there is a toll
No wonder why they clown
in city and town

So, I can either
be passive
follow the crowd
or live in the NOW
be myself and proud.

Live in the Now!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Tease me not!

we know it is not true
No, it is not from our heart
it is a wall paint of color blue
we confess, while apart

but, while together
I wonder why!
we shy,
we lie
we spy

we tease,
as if to appease
"your real self"
"my real self"

So, we can please,
each other
let's stop

let's not tease!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


At times, it is true "smile though your heart is aching!"
Wish we know how much you were hurting!
Dark ghosts of jealousy
Evil shackle of hypocrisy
The greed of lawyers
And lawless
The media frenzy!

“Annie, are you OK? “
How could you, when crude criminals
Evil faces of humanity
When we turn to be Cannibals
Trampled him down!
Overthrew his crown!
Threw away,
The love poured,
“We are the world
We are the children”
Identified himself with the abandon’d

But, I remember once again
Beyond the shadow of the pain
“Through all the rain and the pain,
I gotta be able to smile through all this nonsense”


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Continuous Motion!

See, life is NOT paradoxical
Full of hap-hazards and
… to sway us from our core
As we craving for more!
For More life
With More challenge
For More money
With More damage

But the irony
That surpasses
--- Wealth and money
That surpasses
Is that …
Our life is whimsical
Full of surprises
--with Songs of souls
. . . in musical
Tones and vibes

Yes at times it feels like
We are filled with random dots
And thought
With random slots
In the middle
We’re caught
Yes we have diverse views
And skews
Personalities and dualities

Yes at times it feels
So different
We strive to make
some sense
-- out of it all
And we survive to break
--the patterned doll
when we succeed
we will be at peace
with ourselves
--and proceed
we will be at ease
to accept the good deed
then we proceed
to the next path,
the next boulevard of our journey
for us to have
a new perspective and mystery
of life
Like a child crawling
then stumbling
--to stand
To hold on to a firm hand
To dwell at peace
On firm guard
Yes we’ll be at ease

And at times
We stare at a glance
Of our loses
The unfortunate demise
Of unsuccessful events
Or discontinued thoughts
Yes at times it feels like
All roads lead to nowhere
Before we climb to our pike
Our senses dwell in glare
Before we revive and strike
We are forced
To consume the last spare

Then we strive
To make sense of it all
The deprived
Agonized part of our soul
Will be on roll
Once again,
We make a strong sense
Redefining our place
Restructuring our thoughts
And our space
Once again we are able to interlace
Our feelings
With reality
The happenings with sobriety

Then we get our “Aha” moment
As we awake
Another dormant

Yes at times
We don’t want to
-- get out
Of our comfort
The soothing sound
--- of uniformity
All things done
One way
We all think
Like one
--with each other
Places we know
To get around
No noises
--familiar sound
Familiar face
Comfortable bound

Yes at times it is hard
To drop loose our guard
To accept

But then we do
‘cause we’re human
We follow suit
because we can
Adapt to change
We stretch the span
Circumferences of our range
The depth of our experience
We grow without limit
Though it feels strange
But we expand our dance
We caliber our gauge
Where we filter
The other thoughts
Before we label it ‘strange’
When we open for change

Not a mere accepting of differences
But expanding our chances
To learn and grow
Un-traveled path to concur
To enrich our soul and glow
To strengthen our stature
Our travel might be slow
But worth the exploration
Of thoughts and minds
Nature’s lesson impartation
When we find
--Change finds us
In a continuous motion

Friday, March 13, 2009


Latent Energy inside of me!

Yens of my sense
Did me good

I’m relying on them
To assist me gain
To allow me attain
Of fine grain
Of wisdom
Buried inside of me!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


When I move forward,
then I'm transformed
to betterment of my manhood
When I change, then I'm changed
for the greater good

Good to my ego
good to my overall trio!
Spirit, Soul, and Body
my enrichment and harmony
That is what change entails
That is what movement details

If not, I'm still in yesterday, I'm still in misery
I'm still my old self, I'm still in nursery!
While I can move and live better,
live richer,
Why dwell in groove, and be quitter?

So, I am moving
While leaving
Behind me
The old anatomy
Of distraction
To the new me with ambition!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Pictures from

Listening to ...

My feelings are hard to attune
Scattered over the sphere hard to prune
At times very cheery
Warm and merry
At times a bit blurry

No signal modulator
Can confine
And define
The very originator
Of the feelings and motions of my soul
The blissful or melancholy or I’m just droll

But, I listen
Beyond the chatters of blackberries
Beyond the universe of internet galleries
Beyond the thoughts of mysteries

Beyond the throne of an ego collision
Beyond the wants and needs of illusion
I learn to listen

Friday, January 2, 2009

image from:

Our Father

Our father who art in heaven
let your will now,
your will be done!
to us African
the black race
who are,
fallen from your grace
our fate and date
despite where we dwell and differ
our place

we all in this
similar mess