Sunday, July 23, 2006

My Soul's Query

And my soul screaming
To come out of me.. Crying
Questioning... my existence
Waiting to see... my-instance
Moment to see... my arrival
Merging out of... the dark oval...
Cave of darkened poverty
Waiting to see... clarity...
Leaving behind .... aimless duty
Stretching high… for my freedom
Dare to insult …dare to condemn
Slave like life… ‘just survival’
Calling out loud… my arrival
Ruthless shackle… leaving my soul
Awakening… weaving my roll
When will I see … the ‘coming out’
When will it be… end of dormant ????

Copy right by Awdema.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Would be Awesome!

Would be awesome
…. Not being lonesome
….. Not being gruesome
Would be great being a wholesome
If my soul nurture in me and blossom
My beloveds near and have them…

It’d be great….. to percolate
The shell of my existence
Out of my brain… the nuisance
Grinding my grain… the persistence
Refuse to drain… my allowance
Of limited time … at hand
Of limited resource … on guard..

I try to stretch … stretch longer…
See through me…. Envision deeper..
Knowing my path …. Well-steeper

Would be great …. To percolate
In the deep shadow of my existence
To have lay out my instance

And then again…. I am human..
Human I am … not other –none
When I halt me …. Then I’m done.
Copy right by Awdema.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Welcome, this is the Habesha ye tibeb-awdema. Awdema is a word that is used in the Amharic language speaking of a field. It is a field where farmers do separate the wheat(other grain) from its chafe.

Awdema is a platform to bring about our artistic creation; be it poetry, short essay, painting or any form of art sine-tibeb. Then collectively we will review it, criticize it and empower it..... it is the hope of Awdema to introduce the next author, artist, narrator... etc.. to the whole world.

Our uniqueness is that we will bring our Ethiopic touch in to our works. As sine-tibeb art streams out of the deep seated well that is buried inside the author. come, enjoy embark and post freely.