Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Welcome, this is the Habesha ye tibeb-awdema. Awdema is a word that is used in the Amharic language speaking of a field. It is a field where farmers do separate the wheat(other grain) from its chafe.

Awdema is a platform to bring about our artistic creation; be it poetry, short essay, painting or any form of art sine-tibeb. Then collectively we will review it, criticize it and empower it..... it is the hope of Awdema to introduce the next author, artist, narrator... etc.. to the whole world.

Our uniqueness is that we will bring our Ethiopic touch in to our works. As sine-tibeb art streams out of the deep seated well that is buried inside the author. come, enjoy embark and post freely.


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  1. Glad that I'll see the variety . . . I'm tuned


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