Friday, October 17, 2008

The Departed .....

Lo! A friend of mine… gone like it was yesterday..
Oh! It was beyond a mere friendship, I say
For the attachment I claim, time spent to build
Qualifies it more so! than it is skewed
It is more than 'the today’s' guild
Guild of confusion and abandonment
Guild of loneliness and evil distant

So my friend you were close to my heart
The heart of mine you finally left
Left it alone like many other
With itself
With its turf
Left it alone like it
doesn't matter

Promises folded down
Empty chatters
The smiles no more shown
Aimless matters

Alas! Love and friendship got mixed and ….
We found ourselves in a land of coldness
Like the gloomy winter and cloud of sadness

I reckon, my heart was hotter
I reckon, your heart was warmer
Before our soul crossed the path to climb the steeper
Of confused land
Of a shaky stand

So, I will let you go, I say 'good bye'
You say ‘so long’, I tried to deny!
Deny the truth about our paths that crossed yesterday
‘Was’ an event that happened in the past! In another day

And today...
today is a new day
a beginning of my tomorrow
a beginning of another sorrow
of the loss
of the callous
of reality !