Friday, February 2, 2007

Good Bye Now!

My heart was open to you
Or was it?
I had never up-to tell you
That I adore you

But you,
You had an agenda
All along
You had a secret plan
Mischievous clan
To support you
To rapport you

You took that at heart
You believe that
You flew with that
You’re not in your spot

What has left of you today?
What has left of your charm?
You are gone long ago
Your soul has departed
Your karma
Full of drama
Full of mischief
I ‘m not wanna be a part of it

All I have is your memory
From ‘long ago’ I reminisce
I don’t want the phony
The person who you have become
Is it wealth, fear of death?
Or the stealth
That altered your ego
Persuaded you to forgo
Who I was in my fulsome
You locked out with nothing

Good bye!