Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Continuous Motion!

See, life is NOT paradoxical
Full of hap-hazards and
… to sway us from our core
As we craving for more!
For More life
With More challenge
For More money
With More damage

But the irony
That surpasses
--- Wealth and money
That surpasses
Is that …
Our life is whimsical
Full of surprises
--with Songs of souls
. . . in musical
Tones and vibes

Yes at times it feels like
We are filled with random dots
And thought
With random slots
In the middle
We’re caught
Yes we have diverse views
And skews
Personalities and dualities

Yes at times it feels
So different
We strive to make
some sense
-- out of it all
And we survive to break
--the patterned doll
when we succeed
we will be at peace
with ourselves
--and proceed
we will be at ease
to accept the good deed
then we proceed
to the next path,
the next boulevard of our journey
for us to have
a new perspective and mystery
of life
Like a child crawling
then stumbling
--to stand
To hold on to a firm hand
To dwell at peace
On firm guard
Yes we’ll be at ease

And at times
We stare at a glance
Of our loses
The unfortunate demise
Of unsuccessful events
Or discontinued thoughts
Yes at times it feels like
All roads lead to nowhere
Before we climb to our pike
Our senses dwell in glare
Before we revive and strike
We are forced
To consume the last spare

Then we strive
To make sense of it all
The deprived
Agonized part of our soul
Will be on roll
Once again,
We make a strong sense
Redefining our place
Restructuring our thoughts
And our space
Once again we are able to interlace
Our feelings
With reality
The happenings with sobriety

Then we get our “Aha” moment
As we awake
Another dormant

Yes at times
We don’t want to
-- get out
Of our comfort
The soothing sound
--- of uniformity
All things done
One way
We all think
Like one
--with each other
Places we know
To get around
No noises
--familiar sound
Familiar face
Comfortable bound

Yes at times it is hard
To drop loose our guard
To accept

But then we do
‘cause we’re human
We follow suit
because we can
Adapt to change
We stretch the span
Circumferences of our range
The depth of our experience
We grow without limit
Though it feels strange
But we expand our dance
We caliber our gauge
Where we filter
The other thoughts
Before we label it ‘strange’
When we open for change

Not a mere accepting of differences
But expanding our chances
To learn and grow
Un-traveled path to concur
To enrich our soul and glow
To strengthen our stature
Our travel might be slow
But worth the exploration
Of thoughts and minds
Nature’s lesson impartation
When we find
--Change finds us
In a continuous motion