Thursday, December 20, 2007

I have changed!

Now, I’m older
Now, I’m grown
I’ve changed odor
Now, I’ve flown

Now, I’m sophisticated
I speak better
My philosophical analysis
Makes me smarter
I have logics and reasons
To explain situations
Of current
Events that are happening around
Me, myself and my origin
Now I have read few
Now I make few
Dollars that inflated me
Or is it the gin?
That I afford now

Since times have changed, I have grown forgetting
Or purposely letting
My brain to turn its head
From the fact of my back-yard

Oh, that was too long ago!

Now, I’m older
Now, I’m different
Now, I’m stronger
Now, I’m a part of

I’ve relocated
My destiny and my soul
My name address
Has changed
My status quo

But, really? Am I that different?
From the continent
Where I drew my particles
Elements of my soul
Where I drew my bare breath,

Lo to my soul
If I forget
If I beset
My first love
My first have.

© 2007

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