Monday, March 15, 2010

For what it is worth…!

I should tell that you move me
At times you question
My reason to be
Who am I in this rendition,
Snippet of my life terms
Not just the times …
But shape and forms

And I like you for that!

I can call you!
A reliable friend
Whether I’m or I’m not by your side
You don’t shatter
You won’t slide
From the ‘trust worthiness’ circle
From the safe atmosphere sphere
My essence
Your essence wasn’t crafted in the bubble
A random emotional high
Our ‘friend-ship’ won’t crumble
It won’t drop us from the sky!

And I like you for that!

I ask for!
An unlimited, unbounded river of love
Else to free you like a dove
In this mystifying existence
You attempt
To fit – my element – with your element
To feel my sediment
The very complex component
The make of my very core
You tried and try to mean more
To take off the societal norm
You tried and try
To withstand the rain and the storm
Of my very demand
Calling “you” to loose “your” guard!
And you tried

And I like you for that

For what it is worth I wanted to whisper it!
I wanted to tell you, you and you!

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