Saturday, December 20, 2008

A beautiful thing!

So… it is a beautiful thing
when I breath and sing
from my heart to my soul’s …
deepest floors and walls
to my intellect
where mystery dwells

it is a beautiful thing
when compromising
does not sting
with its bitter hypocrisy
when my bell ring
and I am found under mercy
to forgive myself and my doings
to uphold my soul and upbringings

it is a beautiful thing
when I firmly stand with what I say
yay or nay
to the notion, real price I pay
with out selling my day
with out changing my clay
the element that I’m made of
the aggressive that is not loaf

it is a beautiful thing
when I redeem today
lock the past in yesterday
WAS the day
my soul went astray
looking forward to tomorrow
holding my current

it is a beautiful thing!

© 2008


  1. Anonymous4:41 PM

    I like the flow, it really is a beutiful thing to be hopeful. good work

  2. This poem is a very beautiful thing ;)


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