Monday, December 1, 2008


Still I have my cravings on

Still I will condone
Lifeless lives I postpone
Until in the casket when I capon

Still scratching the walls
Though slim rare the calls
Though frustrating the galls
Though fierce the battles
Though unreachable the mantles

Still I sharpen my gaze
I cause my eyes to blaze
No slumber, no daze
Until I’m amaze

Still I question
Still I knock the door
Still I scream
Still I rock the floor
The dwelling place of wisdom
Where the end to my boredom

Still I am lurking
Still I am asking
Still I am lacking
Still I am making
At times I’m breaking

Still I’m waiting
Until I can’t wait anymore
Still I’m panting
Till my legs sleep with bore
Still I’m running
Till my heart burst with sore
Still I’m galling
Until the peaceful galore

I reveal it, God reveal it
You reveal, or them shuffle it
But I’m still here
Will also plan to appear
Until I’m mere

© 2008

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