Sunday, November 2, 2008


This is your time...
Vigor of youth
This is your prime…
Seed is truth

Go out! March up!
With full strength
Shine and blaze-up
The earth…
To amaze
amaze your generation
No more line for a ration
No more begging for donation
No more sick look

The solution…?

Get up! Aim up! Dream up!
Strength comes from doing 'sit-up'
Spark up! Get strap
With the vision
Of tomorrow's riches
Go up! Show up!
Comes with niches
Do away with the glitches

Open your soul
Scorn the fool
Sharpen your mind
Don't be a lull

Conceive the seed…
the abundance
no more the need
the poor, the less,
root out the weed
and those cowards

the guidance
to your new dance
expansion of your allowance
is buried with in you
to be … to do
the seed the true
of your generation
changer of
the situation

it is you! get up above the fog
shine today and no more slog

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