Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Obama for America - the only real choice!

This isn’t a fairy tale,
But an embodiment of the changes we yearn for
This isn’t a mere aspiration
But an effort getting close to the door
The door that holds us, wants us to stay behind
Behind the old politics of self-grind
The old door that locks us in yesterday
The old voice that echoes an all time nay
For our generation to go astray
This isn’t a false optimism
That raises our heart beat
This isn’t a fictional drum
That predicts defeat
But a solid understanding of our stance
A real awareness of our distance
To where we ought to be
To what we can see
Obama is a voice for our tomorrow
A light at the end of the tunnel
He is a reason to overcome our sorrow
Bridges build as a channel
Between the voice of the majority
To the policy makers
Embracing the minority
With action takers
Yes we can! Beyond the negative media!

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