Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blank Canvas – ባዶ ሸራ...!

Blank Canvas – ባዶ ሸራ...!

When I was born
My life was like a blank canvas
Ready to be written on
Ready to be painted
Leaving my unique mark
And “my” Palm print all over the world..
I was like a blank canvass
So ready for mixed colors and sketches


Then, when I opened my eyes and have seen
Scribbles of others
I got scared not knowing where to begin.
Some warned me not to spoil my canvas
And just to wait until I have
The perfect life’s design
They warned me saying it is an abomination
It is a crime and sin
To attempt to paint the color that I have dreamed of
Because, they said, “it will look different than theirs”.
Others wanted to impose their design
And scrabble their babble on my canvas
As if I’m born to fit in their mold
As if I have no voice of my own.


Then I saw Picasso, Cézanne, Da Vinci,
I saw Rembrandt, Van Gough and Monet
And many others who have done masterpieces
Whose works resided in the pinnacle of creativity.
Noted I, that I was born to do – to keep painting…
Not to spare my canvas and die
Not to imitate others and fit in their mold
Not to fluctuate with the wave of criticism and cynicism.

But to paint curves, straight lines, crooked lines, ugly lines and pretty lines
I’m here to figure out my life’s foot print
And paint with red, violet, green or the color blue
As I traverse this maze of life while I learn and grow
Then I promise to paint on my canvas, not to spare an empty corner
Till my colors make sense to me
Till I learn to inspire another soul
To paint her own design, her own palm print, in her own canvas
In her time – before “her bell” rings with

Figure out your purpose, and live your own life, then you will be creating a masterpiece!
Pazion -2012

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