Saturday, February 18, 2012

Beautifully Beautified...!

Beautifully Beautified...!

If I were to tell you
I’m squeezing my soul and dripping
Droplets of words...
I’m not littering the world
But, rather beautifying it
Speaking with love chords
And melodies and rainbow colors
Painting this canvas called life
As I pass through,
An observing traveler
Attempting to discern the real voice
With a clue
from the noise random
See ? in the past
Seldom I
discard the bad experiences
and my misdeed
At times, I was confused by their persona
At times refused to proceed!
Now ... my dear
When I hear a voice whispering,
Genuinely ...
                                “Come my love
                                let's run away. . .
                                then build our own world
                                from grains of sand and pieces of wood. . .
                                Come, let's run away. . . “
What am I to do –
Except to run away – and fly with you ...!
To the end of the world – to the end of time !
For genuine travelers of life...!
Pazion   -   2012

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